Who Jevents? What does he do? Find out how it all began …

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It was born all a day a few years ago.

We were, me, my wife (pregnant) and our dearest friend.


A day like many or maybe not! …

I remember well, we talked and laughed, while the sunset and some sparkling Prosecco did the rest.

The air was happy, joyful, my wife was waiting, as you can not in these moments!

The family and friends are all for us, I repeat, EVERYTHING.

There was talk of many things, dreams, desires, worries and the future, all of a sudden, like a “back to future” lightning on the Hill Valley clock tower:

the idea came to us.


Ah, we did not run to 88 mph and my friend was not called “Doc”!! 🙂

I was and I’m all now a public speaker and coaching, curiosity, sharing, learning have always been attitudes since the days of hot wheels (you remember the machines that changed color and not only).

Of geniuses those of Mattel, and to think that it was the late 60s

“Born from the fusion of the nickname and the initials of the name of the two founders Elliot Handler and Harold Matson” Matt “(his nickname) MATT-EL, or MATTEL”.

Let’s go on, I was telling you how it all began:


Always very fascinated by the secrets of communication and what, how and why certain stimuli act on our “I”.

I have taught many people, many large and small companies, and they have certainly taught me a lot.

“Teaching we learn” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Strategy marketing jevents

My wife and our friend “Doc” (I’m sorry Umberto, you know I love you or rather as we say “we LOVVO you”) … pander!

We said,


my wife an amazing communicator, spontaneous and with a natural attraction.

You would say of her: “one who would sell the ice to the Eskimos even if he has no intention of doing it”.

We were reminded of a question that paved the way for everything we are now.

How to exploit and convey our characteristics to the outside world?

The events, it was the answer.

Creating events is an amazing way to communicate a thought, an idea, give life to a project, say who you are and what you have to transmit.


Quite right! Ok, let’s do it

Until now the realities we have followed have achieved remarkable results with our approaches, strategies and advice.

So it’s decided!

Our channel to broadcast, spread messages will be events.

Our daughter would be born soon.

Oh yes, we were expecting a baby

The name was already chosen for some time, my wife and I have always agreed on the name right away:

Jasmine, guys believe me if I tell you it’s a force of nature.

Well sure you say, you’re the dad!

From the bond of our two greatest passions:

Jasmine and events,


was born …


events communication

Who is Jevents? What do you do? Why do you do it?

Woww, just a moment, little Jasmine claims her snack and I come back to answer all the questions:


1) Jevents is .. “Let’s party”.

We are the added value of your events and the way you communicate with the addition of the “Italian style”


2) We spent a lot of time researching and choosing our equipments to give you the opportunity to create unique atmospheres.

The Jevents service fits you and not the other way around.


Our community is the advantage for us who live and breathe events.

Soon there will be more news for you that we are working on

Confronting, sharing, learning and teaching, that’s why Jevents was born!


3) The driving force behind everything is our great passion for this world so vast and in continuous ferment.

We enjoy doing what we do, we do it with a smile … and with enthusiasm the goals are more easily reached

It will be easier for you to achieve your goals, your success, if we do it together.

Seeing gratification in the eyes of our customers when they achieve their goal with us is the most important thing for us.

Systematically at the end of the journey from customers, we became friends … we like it that way!


4) You can choose and decide today what your annual schedule will be.

We think only once together and then stop!

The opportunities, the gains in terms of time and money will be tangible immediately.

Come and find out how to get all this.


5) A plurality of services and contents adapted to your needs … Have I read well, contents?

Yes, contents.

We have created one of the best sections dedicated to marketing and digital marketing to find ideas, insights and exchange ideas to make what we do even better.

We are extremely proud when all this happens.

Everything else you will find out by following us on community, to receive updates and news always on trend

Being part of the community you will learn tricks, strategies, tips, case studies to deepen and refine the techniques and knowledge.

And all this will be possible thanks to your support and support in the group.

Share, learn and still share, here is the secret!

Do not forget to subscribe, I leave you the link “join us”, plus there will be a surprise waiting for you.

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For me it would have great value


See you in the group.



A hug.

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