The wedding of your dreams

We define with you the main atmosphere of your wedding day.

We will share ideas, best advice for you and your guests.

We will accompany you step by step within the project, its different stages of development, location, material and human necessary for the realization of what will be your "dream" with open eyes.
You will not have to worry about anything, if not to dream the day when all this will become true.

Contact us as soon as possible and give life to emotions.

We are with you!

❤ your wedding planner.

Originality, elegance and simplicity - The real made in Italy

Love and how to dance even without music! 🎵

You dance and you will discover that the music has always been you. ❤🎵

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WEDDING DAY - The day of the ''fateful yes''

Wow .. the long-awaited day has arrived! My goodness, time has flown, it seems like yesterday. We hope everything goes well .. I still have to wear makeup, oh my God !!, hairstyle? .. ready, the dress? .. ok, it’s still perfect !, invited ?, wedding rings ?, we hope that my future husband is present and not yet in the stadium …

ok stop!

Relax, we thought and planned everything a long time ago, we are ready, you are ready and today will be your “big day” with us in JEVENTS.

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Wedding ceremony, an infinite journey..

Behind the most awaited day of our lives, there is a lot of anxiety. It is normal, we want everything to be perfect as we have imagined, studied and created, and this is how it will be. We dreamed of this moment from the moment we realized we had found our soul mate, I’m talking about that strong shiver down my back or butterflies in my stomach. Good!
So let’s get ready, let’s make your moment exceptional, it’s time runs. We plan what until now has been your dream for a long time, for us it will be an honor to accompany you until your “yes I want it”.

Checkout our Wedding plan
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