We create unique experiences

We define with you the main concept of the event, we develop a feasibility analysis , we design the project, its different phases of development, all the economic, material and human resources necessary to the realization of the event.
Identify complementary products useful for the success of the event.
We pay a particular attention to the organization of the space layout , and coordinate each stage during the realization of the event.

Create the best event and faster, with JEVENTS it is possible

Dedication, constancy, nights in white, design, are just some of the factors that distinguish us to make an event worthy of its true meaning. For us it means: amaze! The backstage is the beating heart of everything that will be “the big day”. The meetings we do together help us to define the concept, to define ideas and tastes, at the same time they must reflect the theme that inspired us, and much more ….

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Smart decision

We define the date, the place, how many our guests will be and how they will reach the location. We set the budget, the program, the equipment to rent, the decorations, the living room, the sound system and lights, the photographer, the catering service, the live band or the DJ. Additional services, such as the transfer of all guests.

After months of preparation, what is missing … plan B?

Do not worry we’ll take care of it, you think about enjoying the event.


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We will fix an appointment as soon as possible to know each other. We love the beautiful challenges and we look forward to meeting you to win it together!